Big e-sports showdown in autumn will take place digitally!


Good news: To cancel the VCA Vienna Challengers Arena performance by Magenta for this year was not an option for us. We put our heads together - with mouth and nose protection, of course - and put together a sensational online edition. Two mega e-sports highlights are waiting for you: the Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup 2020  & the Coca-Cola Breakpoint Ultimate Final - Invitational!

Stay tuned - more coming soon!



Exciting e-sports tournaments for a range of games, free-to-play areas, VR gaming, fan meet-ups featuring influencers and
top players from the scene, all under one roof!

2017 saw the kick-off of what is now Austria’s largest and most prestigious e-sports event – the VCA Vienna Challengers Arena! Gamers from all over the world flock to Messe Wien to see the latest games, witness emotional highs and lows, and to try their hand at winning large cash prizes.




First League Of Legends tournament together with Riot Games with a prize money of
over 2.500 €

First Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament 

First Marvel vs Capcom and Injustice 2 Tournament presented by Viertelkreiser 


Official stop on the Riot Games League of Legends Premier Tour with prize money of over
25,000 €

Official Rainbow 6 Siege Tournament in cooperation with Ubisoft

One of the first tryouts in Austria for
Super Smash. Bros Ultimate


Austria’s largest SSBU tournament takes place with the largest jackpot in Europe, featuring the world’s best gamer MkLeo

Coca-Cola Breakpoint Ultimate, our SSBU monthly series, is born – with participants from over 22 countries

Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup – a gripping FIFA tournament in cooperation
with Coca-Cola

The fourth edition is set to be even bigger, even greater and even more exciting!
More games, a more packed programme and well-known faces from the world of social media and streaming await.

World of Gamers. Community of Friends.

It’s an honour to be the first official player for the VCA. As one of Austria’s leading e-sports organisations, they help me unlock my potential to become an even better player. I can hardly wait for this year’s highlight, the CCBPU final at the VCA!

Viktor "vyQ" Graf
Smash Ultimate Player for VCA & Founder of Beefy Smash Doods

Nostalgia, joy, passion, love, surprise...but even the disappointment of losing a game. Witnessing these emotions come together in one place is what makes the VCA so special. The event’s popularity is truly impressive. The VCA is an extremely important part of the Austrian e-sports landscape.

Bernhard Campara-Kopeinig
Lawyer for E-Sports Law at PHH Rechtsanwälte and Host of the “PHH Rooftop Tournaments

The Austrian scene is doing a great job, creating the basis for a fruitful e-sports breeding ground that attracts gamers from all over Europe. Our association will be providing, for example, certified e-sports referees and trained gamecasters to support the event in these areas.

Stefan Baloh
President of the ESVÖ

We’ve been supporting the scene with high-end technologies since the very start and are proud to play such an crucial role in ensuring the success of the event and the popularity of e-sports. The Premier Tour 2018 in Austria, where we were technical partners, was a real a highlight for us!

Mag. Thomas Wasshuber
Managing Director of STEINER Mediensysteme GmbH

The importance of e-sports in Gen Z’s youth culture has long been a hot topic among international marketing decision makers. The VCA, as well as bringing famous e-sports celebrities to Austria, is the best place for gamers and fans to come into contact with this topic and their target group.

Fatih Öztürk
Founder of Spiel & Drang Esports Marketing

The VCA was one of my personal highlights in 2019. I´m looking forward spending a few great hours with the FIFA-Community at the Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup again this year! Hopefully there will be time to follow other e-sport titels too and get connected with their communities.

Mario Viska
Pro E-Sport-Gamer


True E-Sport is unstoppable!

We are aware of the responsibility towards this event, our fans and their health. That is why we do everything in our power to offer you an unforgettable weekend with extensive and tightened safety and hygiene measures - including enough space and adapted processes. We will announce the exact measures closer to the convention because they are still subjetc to change. Life has to go on and that is why we decided to operate VCA in its familiar way.

We will monitor further development daily and inform all fans about possible changes at any time. In case of a future cancellation our terms and conditions provide for the full reimbursement of tickets - there is no risk for the ticket buyer! We appeal to all our fans and fans of pop culture: let's tackle this crisis together!

Your VCA team