League Of Legends – Premier Tour

Riot Games' League of Legends Premier Tour is a unique opportunity for LoL teams from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, whose players are at least Platinum 5 rank, to qualify for the LoL European Masters.

The winter season of the Premier Tour lasts from October to March and consists of four stops, where each is a complete tournament.


The VCA Vienna Challengers Arena will be the tour stop in Austria and is sectioned in three phases:

  • Open Qualifier: Teams can register online for a station on the Premier Tour. Once the Open Qualifier starts, teams play Best-of-Ones in a Single Elimination bracket until 8 teams are left.

  • Closed Qualifier: The top eight open qualification teams compete against the top eight teams from the previous stop. The game is played according to the knockout principle until four teams are left. The 8 remaining teams will be seeded against the top 8 from the previous stop to play the Closed Qualifier, a Single Elimination bracket until 4 teams remain.

  • Final: Semifinals and Finals will be played live on stage at VCA! The Semifinals will be played as Best-of-Three while the two finalists will battle it out in a Best-of-Five during the stop’s Finals.

The four best teams of one tour stop win cash prizes and the eight best teams receive Premier Tour points. The two teams that have scored the most points at the end of each season automatically qualify for the European Masters.


The winning team of the League of Legends Premier Tour-Stop Vienna:


VCA Rainbow 6 Siege Cup powered by Ubisoft

Together with Ubisoft and XBox we host Rainbow 6 Siege at the VCA Vienna Challengers Arena!



  • 1.000€
  • 100€ to travel cost per team fort he final in Vienna
  • Ubisoft rewards     

Super Smash Bros Melee

Most of you will certainly know this fighting game published by Nintendo from their childhood.

Super Smash Bros. Melee was released in 2001 for the Nintendo Game Cube and what might have been just played for fun has grown to be a serious esports title over the past few years.

By now, competitive Melee is being played for already 17 years and the community behind it stays loyal to the old school game since it differs significantly from the other Super Smash Bros. titles because of its highly complex techniques mixed with strictly timed very precise attacks and movement.



  • Preispot
  • 500€ Potbonus
  • Goodies sponsored by Nintendo
  • Chance to win Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle inkl. controller and adapter

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Together with our partners from VIENNALITY we brought the maximum of fan experience into our halls!

The game differs from other fighting games because instead of fighting with one character against another you have to compete with three different characters from the well-known anime against another triplet!



  • 1st place: EVO 2019 Travel Package (Flight; Hotel; tournament fee + per diem)
  • 2nd place: 350€
  • 3rd place: 150€

Super Smash Bros WiiU

Since this game will surely die as an esports title after the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we wanted to celebrate it on last time at the VCA.



  • Preispot
  • 500€ Potbonus
  • Goodies sponsored by Nintendo
  • Chance to win Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle inkl. controller and adapter

Tekken 7

Probably the most famous fighting game of all time will also be represented at the VCA.



  • 1st place: 300€
  • 2nd place: 150€
  • 3rd place: 50€


Tayfur "Zaza" Dogan