How online has changed my offline

Interview: E-Sports is my life - the effects of Corona on my business

Julia Kreuzer „Miss Rage“

Have you invested more time in training since then?

I stream more than I play. I've been doing this full-time on Twitch for over 7 years and also play professionally in a female team. We trained as always because we mostly did it from home.

Viktor Graf „vyQ“

Have you invested more time in training since then?

Because of the limitations, I trained less because it was not possible to meet with my colleagues in person. Unfortunately, playing online is not the same as playing against each other in person on the same screen. Unfortunately, it is much less effective.

What do you miss most - privately but also in the gaming world?

Julia: Most of all, I definitely missed my friends and family. It was definitely important to stay at home, but when it was allowed to grill with friends again it was really nice for me. As things stand today, many conventions will unfortunately be canceled. Through gaming I have a lot of friends all over the world and I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday with them, which was a few days ago. They wanted to visit me, but unfortunately that wasn't possible, which was a really hard for me.

Viktor: What I miss most are the big international tournaments in which the best players from all countries compete against each other. For months there have only been online tournaments, which, as I said, are unfortunately very different and less interesting.


Did you discover a new game for yourself during that time?

Julia: During the quarantine period, Riot's Valorant came out and I was very happy about that. I was a little involved in the alpha version and got to play the beta version too, and now that it's out I put a lot of time into it. There were also several online tournaments in which I participated.

Viktor: Yes! Riot Games has released the new shooter 'Valorant', which was a good pastime during the pandemic.


Were you able to get excited about a new hobby?

Julia: Since I've been working from home for a number of years, not that much has changed for me. I still enjoy being in the garden, cooking and spending time with my animals. I've definitely been cooking more recently.

Viktor: Nothing really new. However, I was able to invest more time in YouTube and content creation. 

Issue of income / sponsoring - what are the effects?

Julia: I can rather report from the site as a streamer. Ad revenues and subscriptions stayed the same. Sponsoring looks different - unfortunately, two of my partners could not renew their contract due to COVID. But I hope that this will improve in the course of the year.

Viktor: Since a lot happens over the Internet in this industry, not much has changed financially for me. Finding new sponsors may be more difficult than usual in times like these, however, as certain companies are more cautious with their investments. 

Everyone is talking about e-sports, but there are allegations that e-sports are only for binary freaks? / What prejudice about your scene do you want to dispel with?

Julia: In my opinion, prejudices have lost nothing in 2020. In the gaming industry there are very intelligent and ambitious people, but also the opposite - like everywhere else. Many also invest a lot of time - like me - and I think that is important and necessary if you want to get ahead here.

Viktor: It is said that e-athletes are a very special kind of person and you are quickly lumped together. In my opinion a huge misunderstanding! In my life I have never met such a diverse, interesting and personable group of people as in the Super Smash Bros. Community! 


Frozen pizza or star chef through quarantine?

Julia: Definitely a star chef!

Viktor: Star chef! 

What was your Corona record with hours in front of the PC?

Julia: I think 12 or 13 hours. 

Viktor: In one day? More than 10 hours for sure. 

One channel and a lot of traffic or many channels (YT, FB, Instagram, Twitter, TicToc, and many more)?

Julia: Two channels - Twitch and Instagram.

Viktor: Lots of channels!